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Emilia Clarke talks exclusively to Natasha Bird as Yahoo Style launches its beautiful new site.

Trying to pin down a movie star is a tricky task at the best of times.

Trying to pin down Emilia Clarke, who is young and beautiful and who has had such extraordinary success as one of the most identifiable female protagonists of recent television history, is an even harder undertaking than usual.

She is about as in demand as it gets.

After weeks of trying to engineer a meeting that fits in with her ludicrously overstuffed schedule, we finally settle on a transatlantic chat from her Beverly Hills hotel. A chat which involves me scuttling out of St James’s Palace in a ball gown to take her call.

But a chat we did eventually have…and it was a good one.

When your first role involves birthing actual dragons, freeing thousands of slaves and wrangling a bunch of hardened warriors who keep competing like hormonal teenagers for the honour of dying on your behalf, it’s hard to imagine where you might go next.

Pretty cool then that her subsequent undertaking required strapping on Linda Hamilton’s old combat boots and entering into some serious fisticuffs with a relentless cyborg killer, as she assumes the part of Sarah Connor in the Terminator franchise.

[Image: Emilia as Sarah Connor / Terminator Genisys / Paramount Studios]

As typecasting goes, Emilia’s is pretty kick ass.

Fantasy Versus Reality

But becoming synonymous with the ‘strong independent female’ is an awkward cross to bear. With it often comes a lot of pressure to act the heroine outside of working hours. Just ask Angelina Jolie.

“I feel more than lucky to be playing strong women and to be, hopefully, inspiring some young women while they watch,” Emilia affirms.

“And being asked to play Sarah Connor was one of those jobs where it was like ‘How could I EVER say no to that?’

“But there’s a stark difference between television drama, or movies, and reality,” she concedes.

Emilia increasingly finds herself being held accountable for things that either her characters do or the Game of Thrones producers are responsible for, such as the treatment of the other female characters.

Somehow, in people’s minds, she so embodies the “breaker of chains” and advocate for a free and fairer world that when she tries to remonstrate with the show’s critics, reminding them that it is all make-believe and “not to take it too seriously”, she is pilloried.

[Image: Game of Thrones / HBO]

“It’s an interesting dichotomy,” she says, “because on the one hand I have had such lovely comments about me, for the strength of the role that I play. So then, to be asked about [some of the more harrowing things that other female characters have to go through] within the framework of the show, is tricky.”

“Ultimately,” she tries carefully to reiterate her position, “the show that we are on is a fantastical show. It is a story. But my saying that is in no way [a reflection] of the way I feel about women and the strength that we have.”

The fact that she is asked so often to address the injustices enacted upon other women in the show demonstrates an interesting inability, for many of us, to be able to separate the actress from the part.

London-born Emilia, it should be remembered, is all of 28-years-old and Daenerys Targaryen and Sarah Connor have been her first major roles. She’s still finding her feet.

With Time Comes Growth

But finding her feet is something she is definitely trying to do.

In fact, what she goes on to explain to me about her next choice of movie displays a thoughtfulness that I am embarrassed to say, took me slightly by surprise.

While I’m trying to credit her for picking roles that are ‘kick ass’ she, quite rightfully, reminds me that fortitude in a person isn’t all about carrying a bazooka gun or kicking bad guys in the teeth.

“I am trying to find roles that have strength at the heart of them…but not necessarily in the obvious sense,” Emilia explains.

“I just finished a film called Me Before You, where you get to see the beautiful grace of this female character. She absolutely has all the steel, but in a very different way,” she continues.

The film, which stars The Hunger Games actor Sam Claflin and was directed by Thea Sharrock, is a contemplative, heartfelt drama about a young woman who ends up forming an unlikely relationship with her recently disabled ward.

“It’s more that now I try to see the strength in every character, as opposed to [picking] the obvious ‘strong woman,’” she concludes.

Define Your Own Style

And just as Emilia is trying to figure out a more personal, nuanced relationship with the parts she’s taking on, it seems she’s taking a very similar approach to her personal style.

“Style, for me, means a lot of things. It’s self-expression,” she muses.

“I think I am very fortunate to be in a position where what I do is so creative that it inspires my own personal style, be it in the sofa I get for my house, or the bright pink mental shoes I want to put on my feet or even in the way I cut my hair.

“I think a lot of the social media that we have at the moment are really exciting platforms to have at your fingertips. Instagram, Pinterest…all these brilliant things allow you to have a constant stimulus of creativity that can add to your own natural style.

“The key to style, in my eyes, is being able to have as many influences as possible, to broaden your horizons. You can shock yourself about what you are actually attracted to, what makes you happy and what puts a smile on your face,” she finishes.

Little Bumble Bee

While we’re on the subject of personal style, I note that Emilia has just taken a significant step in cementing her own.

A quick peruse of her Instagram account and you’ll see a shot of her in a tattoo parlour.

“It’s actually my second,” she chimes in.

“I’ve got a little white one, so that was kinda like a half. But I went full out this time and got one that people can actually see,” she explains.

This second inking is a little bumble bee on her finger, to commemorate Me Before You.

[Image: Dr Woo SSC / Instagram]

“It was a beautiful experience with the best director ever, so I was very lucky,” she says as I can hear the smile in her voice.

Aware that the hourglass is nearly out of sand, I ask Emilia to reel off a few of the things that she’s really passionate about and we end up embroiled in a fun conversation about London, Emma Watson and how brilliant the NHS is, but we barely have time to really get into the nitty gritty before her agent is champing at the bit for us to wrap it up so that the movie star can be delivered to her next engagement.

The breadth of the topics we’ve covered serves to emphasise just how much energy Emilia has and for so varied a range of interests – a marker, probably, of still being relatively green. She’s brimming full of optimism for a career that has only just begun, in an industry that is still very new to her.

If her most recent choice of role, though, and the permanence of the ink that she’s commemorated it with are anything to go by, she’ll soon be making some very focused strides in a great direction.
Article Source : Yahoo Style India

Hema Malini receives head injuries in car accident; rushed to hospital

A 4-year-old girl was killed, 4 others severely injured when the MP’s car collided with another car near Dausa. Hema Malini herself has received head injuries.

The car which met with an accident

Bollywood’s ‘Dreamgirl’ of the yesteryear and Bharatiya Janata Party MP Hema Malini was rushed to a hospital in Jaipur late on Thursday after the car she was travelling in met with a severe accident near Dausa in Rajasthan.

Agency reports said that a four-year-old girl child was killed when the MP’s car collided with a Maruti Alto. Four other people have been seriously injured in the mishap.

Hema Malini, who received head injuries and a gash on her nose, was admitted to the Fortis Hospital in Jaipir.

Television reports state that upon reaching the hospital, Hema Malini herself walked in and did not require a stretcher indicating that her injuries are perhaps not serious in nature.

Doctors have yet to establish if she has any internal injuries.

It is not yet known which car was in the wrong, although police say that the Mercedes in which Hema Malini was travelling was going at high speed. Some reports suggest the Alto turned on to the road and that is when the collision occurred.

Hema Malini, who is an MP from Mathura, was on her way to Jaipur when the accident occurred.

Shahid Kapoor's wedding is on July 7 in Delhi

Shahid Kapoor is getting married on Tuesday July 7 in Delhi. The wedding is expected to be attended only by close family and friends.

Says one of Shahid's privileged buddies from his inner circle, "It's not going to be a large lavish wedding, and his former girlfriends are certainly not invited, as reported by some media sections. Both Shahid's and Mira's family wanted the wedding to be a really quiet affair." 

When asked why Shahid Kapoor has chosen to marry someone far younger than he, his buddy defended. "No one within the two families is commenting on the age difference. Shahid and Mira are perfect together. This is ek-duuje-ke-liye stuff." 

The wedding in Delhi on July 7 is to be followed by a reception in Mumbai. "That's where you might bump into Shahid's ex-es. But at the wedding? No way!"

Incidentally Mira, we are told, is not an avid movie watcher and has not seen too many of Shahid's films either. 

"What Shahid likes best about Mira is that she isn't awed by his stardom. In some ways this alliance is like Madhuri and Dr Nene's alliance. He hadn't seen a single film of Madhuri's when they met. Mira has seen some of his films. So she's not as clueless about her spouse's work as Dr Nene."

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World Wide rights of Namastey England sold for Rs. 75 crores

Earlier we had reported that Vipul Shah would be seen collaborating with Akshay Kumar for the sequel to the popular film Namastey London, titled Namastey England. While a sequel had always been on the cards, we hear that the makers of the film have already locked a deal for the film's worldwide distribution. 

In fact it is learnt that a leading music company has acquired the worldwide distribution rights of the film for a whopping Rs. 75 crores. If the buzz is to be believed then the said deal has already been sealed, however minor aspects of the deal are yet to be worked on. 

Namastey England that will have Akshay Kumar producing it as well as playing the lead is said to be a completely new love story with a twist. From what we hear, this film is inspired by a true love story and will once again be based in Punjab and London. As for the shoot of the film, Namastey England is slated to go on floors in January 2016 and will be releasing in the second half of the year.

Gippy, Guddu & Rangeela to take on Terminator this week

Bollywood films have suffered a huge setback in the hands of Hollywood biggies this year. Furious 7thrashed Dibakar Bannerjee's Detective Byomkesh Bakshy and Jurassic World gobbled up Mohit Suri's Hamari Adhuri Kahani.

This Friday, it's Terminator Genisys, the latest film in the Terminator franchise. Arnold Schwarzenegger returns to reprise his role 5 years after the last film in the franchise. 

So, are the two Hindi releases this week Subhash Kapoor's black comedy Guddu Rangeela and Smeep Kang's comedy Second Hand Husband feeling threatened? 

Says Kang, "I believe while Terminator Genisys caters to the English-speaking, action-loving young audience of the multiplex. My film Second Hand Husband, being a family comedy, would appeal to one and all." 

Subhash Kapoor, the director of Guddu Rangeela, says he doesn't know that Terminator is releasing. "I am sure both films will find its audience," he says. 

Amit Sadh, who plays the lead in Guddu Rangeela, says, "Every film finds its audience. Besides, I'm a big fan of Arnold Schwarzenegger. On a lighter note, it is human beings versus machines. Take your pick."

Shah Rukh talks about clash with Salman Khan at the box-office next year

Earlier we had reported how audiences are going to face a dilemma during Eid next year, since two superstars, Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan will have releases on the same day. While Shah Rukh's Raeeshas been in the news for almost a year, Yash Raj Films recently announced the release date of the long pending film with Salman, titled Sultan.

When quizzed about the much-awaited 'clash' during a press conference, Shah Rukh Khan mentioned that there is nothing like a clash since they are friends. He said, "First, it's not a clash. There are only 365 days, 54 Fridays, we make 200 films, it's bound to happen that some films will release on the same Friday and most of the people involved in both these films are friends. Adi is producing it, Salman is acting in it; Excel is producing it (Raees), Red Chillies is doing it, I am part of it." 

As far as the business point of view is concerned, while Shah Rukh Khan agrees to the fact that business will get divided, he maintains that they will work out things in a way that both of them benefit from it. "I think yes, absolutely, business will get divided, lekin hum log itne acche dost hai toh har cheez saath saath karenge, toh film bhi saath mein release karenge (since we are friends, we'll do everything together, even releasing films). I think there will be films which will come together, which will release together and as far as the whole team on both sides is concerned, we are very respectable, loving and friendly people with each other. So we'll work out things in a way we get the best business time as possible." 

Shah Rukh Khan not only answered the queries tactfully but he was also all praises for Salman Khan'sBajrangi Bhaijaan. Readers may be aware that when Bajrangi Bhaijaan's first poster was released, it was Shah Rukh Khan who was the first to promote it. Talking about it and the film, Shah Rukh added, "Kabir has made the film, Kareena and Salman are acting in it, they are all friends and I really liked the poster. I am happy. I saw the trailer and it's fantastic. I think Inshallah the film will be fantastic too. Salman looked as cool as he always does."

Check out: Kareena Kapoor and Channing Tatum meet in London

Readers may be aware by now, that Kareena Kapoor Khan seems to be having a rather fun-filled vacation in London. The actress was recently spotted with Saif Ali Khan's son Ibrahim, then later was seen spending time with her sister Karisma Kapoor and aunt Reema Jain. And guess whom did Kareena meet when she was in London? It was none other Hollywood star Channing Tatum. 

The 35 year old suave hunk gladly posed with this Bollywood diva and the photos of the two have been doing the rounds on the web since then. What is even surprising is the fact that the two were colour coordinated during this photo shoot. The vacation was planned by Kareena and Saif with their family to ring in Karisma's birthday which was on June 25. 

On the other hand, Kareena Kapoor Khan will soon return to Mumbai to fulfill her work commitments which includes promotions of Bajrangi Bhaijaan and to complete the shoot schedule with Arjun Kapoor for R. Balki's next.

بالصور: الأسد الأب "القائد الخالد".. يغيب عن الأوراق النقدية الجديدة في سوريا

 العربية المتحدة  -- طرح مصرف سوريا المركزي أوراقا نقدية جديدة من فئة 1000 ليرة سورية إصدار عام 2013 في التداول بالأسواق، برز فيها عدم تضمنها لصورة الرئيس السوري الراحل حافظ الأسد، وجاءت تحت عنوان "حضارة وانفتاح وتطور."
وأشار حاكم مصرف سورية المركزي أديب ميالة، في مؤتمر صحفي، إلى أن طرح الأوراق المالية الجديدة بدأ في عام 2010 بطرح نقود من فئة 50 و100 ليرة ويأتي في سياق التحسين المستمر لميزات الأوراق النقدية المطروحة في التداول من حيث المقاييس والرسومات.
من جهة أخرى، أكد ميالة عدم تأثير طباعة العملة الجديدة على معدلات التضخم كونها ستحل مكان أموال قديمة مهترئة، كاشفا عن سحب 70 مليار ليرة أموالا مهترئة من التداول، وطباعة عشرة مليارات عملة جديدة.
والبارز في الورقة النقدية الجديدة غياب صورة الرئيس الراحل حافظ الأسد، والد الرئيس الحالي بشار، والذي كانت صورته على صدر الورقة القديمة، علما أن الأسد الأب مازال يحظى بالتبجيل في أوساط النظام حيث يطلق عليه لقب "القائد الخالد."

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Why Avinash Arun's Killa is as beautiful as Disney's Inside Out

In Disney's new highly-acclaimed animation film Inside Out, an 11-year old girl is disoriented and unhappy when she had to relocate from Minnesota to San Francisco.

In debutant director Avinash Arun's Marathi film Killa, an 11-year old boy is disturbed, distraught and disenchanted when his mother relocates from the citified bustle of Pune to the Konkan rural scape where quietude is a compelling way to look inwards.

Both the highly-acclaimed films tend to loop the mind of an 11-year old into a spindle of self-introspection when displaced from a large city into relative wilderness.

The director Peter Docter says Inside Out is based on his own problematic relationship with his daughter. Likewise Avinash Arun has delved deep into his own psyche to mine memories of a displaced childhood. His is a parable of a childhood lost in translation when a boy barely into his teens is persuaded to question his identity.

Excited by the amazing reviews, Raja Sen has called a "beautiful beautiful film"-young Avinash Arun confesses that the film takes him back to his own childhood. "Many of the incidents in my protagonist Chinmay's life are from my own childhood. Like him, I was uprooted from my home and had to find my bearings from scratch in a new place."

Avinash says he allowed the amazing cast of youngsters including Archit Deodhar as the lead, to do their own thing. "You can't make children 'act'. They have to remain their natural self while remaining true to the character. I'd ask Archit, Parth Bhalero and the other kids to show me how a scene should be done. 'Is this how you would behave in this situation?' I'd ask them when they enacted their scenes. I wanted the children to behave like children."

Interestingly, Avinash's next film is also going to have children as central characters. "Right now, that is the story I see in my mind. But it's a completely different world from Killa. My next film is about the expectations that adults thrust on children."

Avinash says whatever he directs in the future will always have the 5 elements of nature at its core. "I feel I am very close to my surroundings. Cinema to me is a tool to express that proximity with Nature."

At the moment he is overwhelmed by all the attention that Killa is getting. "I never expected it would be received in this way. Marathi cinema has gone through a transition. There was a time when Marathi cinema was closely affiliated to theatre. Filmmaking in Marathi had a lot of theatrical elements in it. During the past few years, Marathi cinema has searched and found a filmmaking content and style taken from the socio-political milieu. I guess my film is a beneficiary of that movement," says Avinash who is also an exquisite cinematographer.

He has shot not only his own film but also Nishikant Kamat's Ajay Devgn starrer Drishyam.

"I never expected Killa to go this far. I told the story I wanted to. I never thought of how the audience would take to it. To be honest, it's all very overwhelming," says the brilliant young director.

All is Well Hindi Movie First Look

Screencaps from the trailer

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My Life In Style With Kangana Ranaut | EXCLUSIVE

Time to turn on to the new Brand Ambassador of ZOOM, Actress Kangana Ranaut who shares her life journey to her fans exclusively on ZOOM. Watch the Video to Know More!!

Turn On The New ZOOM With Kangana Ranaut

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Rihanna - American Oxygen Video Music

“American Oxygen” from Rihanna’s upcoming eighth studio album.

Get “American Oxygen” now:
American Oxygen on Amazon

Music video by Rihanna performing American Oxygen. (C) 2015 Westbury Road Entertainment. Distributed by Roc Nation Records

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The Future of God by Deepak Chopra Book Review and Download Online

The book I am currently reading and reviewing is “The Future of God” by Deepak Chopra. I honestly was surprised at how much I enjoyed this book. It is on the same track with some personal discoveries I have been making. While many may not agree with everything he has to say, Chopra brings it in such a way that you do not feel pressure to believe or agree with every single word to glean valuable information from his writings.
From a non-Christian perspective (he practices no organized religion) Chopra writes of the need for a total rethinking of reality. God has been viewed in many ways over history, and in our present culture He is viewed as something that has not met our expectations. He speaks of 7 ways people viewed God, and how they respond and have certain expectations based on those beliefs. He then moves on to the process of going from unbelief, to faith, to knowledge.
“Each is an evolutionary stage, and by exploring the first, you find that the next one opens.”
Knowledge being the ultimate goal.
“Knowing God consists of many experiences acquired over a lifetime, a slow motion epiphany, as it were. Certainly you will experience temporary peaks, striking revelations and moments when the truth seems astonishingly clear. ”
He gives seven strategy for processing the subtle world. Exercises to help you connect with your inner world. These are habits anyone could benefit from implementing in their everyday lives.
It is a most intriguing read with an intellectual and non biased approach to God and spiritualism. A thought provoking read that will challenge the mind and spirit of any reader who approaches it with an open heart and mind. He does not tell you what to think and believe, but instead, he explains how to think and believe, and that leaves plenty of room for discovery and self-journey.

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